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Kobe Gakuin University inside restaurant

Cafe & restaurant at Kobe Gakuin University,
Port Island Campus
Restaurant Joli Port is produced by Kobe Portopia Hotel.
While located on the first floor of Building B on the Port Island campus of Kobe Gakuin University, it transcends expectations for university dining with the authentic flavors of hotel cuisine, which you can relax and savor while enjoying a panoramic view of Harborland, Mosaic, and Port Island Shiosai Park.
Name Kobe Gakuin University inside restaurant Joliport
Place Kobe Gakuin University
Port Island Campus B Building 1F
Business hours 11:00a.m.~3:30p.m.
(L.O. 3:00p.m.)
Phone +81-78-974-4190
Capacity 155 seats
Private room None