Tea Lounge
La Belle Cour

Enjoy a wide range of beverages from our varied menu.
Experience the warmth of our chic tea lounge in the main lobby, with its modern, open atmosphere and natural lighting, while enjoying premium coffees and teas served in fine Raynaud china from France. We invite you to spend a peaceful and relaxing teatime at La Belle Cour.
La Belle Cour is officially certified by the Japan Tea Association as a server of delicious, high-quality tea.
*Contents of information are subject to change without advance notice.
Name Tea Lounge La Belle Cour
Place Main building1F
Business hours
Capacity 90 seats (Non-smoking facility)
Private room

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La Belle Cour

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[ From 1/18 until further notice ] 10:00a.m.~5:30p.m.