Initiatives for the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

Kobe Portopia Hotel recognizes that, as a corporate social responsibility, the conservation of the global environment is one of the most important issues faced by all of humankind. We aim to be an environmentally friendly hotel that gives consideration to the reduction of environmental impact in all aspects toward a sustainable society.

Commended at the FY2020 Kansai Bureau of Economy, Trade and Industry Director-General’s Awards

Kobe Portopia Hotel was commended at the FY2020 Kansai Bureau of Economy, Trade and Industry Director-General’s Awards organized by the Kinki Electricity Use Rationalization Committee . It was the first time that a hotel received this commendation.


Basic Policy

(1) Promoting the saving of energy

(2) Saving resources and recycling

(3) Consideration for the environment

(4) Harmony with the local community

(5) Participating in the Kobe SDGs Exploration Program (FY2023)

(6) Contributing to happiness and health

(7) Declaration of action by our employees

(1) Promoting the saving of energy

・Implementation of cogeneration system

We installed a cogeneration system—which emits less carbon dioxide—for electricity generation and use the exhaust heat for producing hot water.

・Installation of energy-saving system for key cards of guestrooms

We have a system in place where electricity is supplied only when guests insert their key card into the slot at the guestroom entrance. This prevents the consumption of electricity arising from the operation of air conditioning when guests are not in their rooms.

・Introduction of LED lighting

We are promoting the use of LED lighting, such as the chandelier on the ceiling of the lobby atrium as well as lighting in guestrooms, banquet halls, and restaurants. We strive to save energy and reduce the emission of carbon dioxide.

(2) Saving resources and recycling

・Guestroom amenities

For shampoo, rinse, body shampoo, and hand soap provided as guestroom amenities, we have changed from using small disposable containers to refillable bottles to reduce waste soap and containers.

・Toilet paper

To protect the global environment and paper resources, we ask guests to use toilet paper up till the very last sheet.

・Requesting guests staying for consecutive nights to reuse their bedsheets

To help prevent water pollution and save water, we only change the bedsheets of guests staying for consecutive nights upon request.
For eco-friendly consecutive stay guests, their accommodation charges are used for donations to the Green Fund being operated by Hyogo Prefectural Greening Promotion Association to support Hyogo Prefecture’s greening promotion efforts, including forest conservation and education.

・Recycling of waste oil

Waste cooking oil from our kitchens are recycled into raw materials for animal feed and such.
Approximately 18 tons (around 1,800 cans of 18-liter cans) of waste cooking oil each year are recycled into compound feed and industrial degreasing acid (raw material for soap, tires, etc.).

・Paper recycling

Each year, 10 or more tons of paper waste—including magazines, newspapers, pamphlets, shredder waste, and corrugated cardboard—generated by the hotel is collected as resources for recycling.

(3) Consideration for the environment

・Giving priority to the purchase of eco-friendly products

Our purchasing department gives priority to the purchase of eco-friendly products centered on office supplies.
Eco-friendly products make up approximately 80% of annual purchasing expenses.

・Plastic reduction

To limit the use of plastics, which can pollute the oceans, we have switched all plastic straws used in our restaurants and banquets to biodegradable straws.
In addition, some of our plastic shopping bags contain 30% biomass materials.

* Biodegradable straws: These are made using plant-derived resins and are degraded by microorganisms in the soil into water and carbon dioxide. Harmful substances are not released even when incinerated.

* Biomass materials: This is a recyclable organic resource made using materials originating from plants and animals. They are friendly to the environment and reduce carbon dioxide by being used as substitutes for petroleum and such.

・Beekeeping on hotel premises

We conducted a beekeeping verification experiment on hotel premises in 2022 to contribute toward conservation of the surrounding ecosystem and as part of our efforts on local production for local consumption and dietary education.
The trial was conducted from early May to early July, and we succeeded in harvesting more than 150 kg of honey.
This pure honey is sold in bottles under the name Portopia Honey and also used in desserts sold within the hotel.

We are also undertaking beekeeping in FY2023.


(4) Harmony with the local community

・Cleaning up the hotel’s surroundings

In principle, our employees currently clean up the area around the hotel twice each month. A total of more than 700 employees each year take part in this initiative, which started in 2004 and has been conducted more than 200 times since then.
We will continue our cleanup activities so that residents of Port Island and those who visit for leisure or business can have a pleasant time. Going forward, we will conduct various activities and strive to be a company that is loved by the local community.


(5) Participating in the Kobe SDGs Exploration Program (FY2023)


Kobe Portopia Hotel participates in the Kobe SDGs Exploration Program organized by Kobe Tourism Bureau. Targeting education institutions that conduct educational tours with Kobe as the destination, this program introduces initiatives linked to exploratory learning, the SDGs, and career education that can be useful to the future of students.
We include tours of the hotel and opportunities to experience working at the hotel to allow students to enjoy the program.

* A fee is charged for this program.
* Program contents are in Japanese only.

(6) Contributing to happiness and health

・Initiatives for health and productivity management

We aim to be a healthy company where employees can work healthily and vibrantly.

1. checkup, 2. eating habits, 3. exercise

・Participation in Table for Two

When healthy dishes are chosen at the employee cafeteria, we donate 20 yen (10 yen from sales and 10 yen from the company) per meal to Table for Two.
In this way, we offer consideration to the health of our employees, and at the same time, support children of developing countries in leading healthy lives.

(7) Declaration of action by our employees


All employees working at Kobe Portopia Hotel strike a balance between work and private life—including the raising of children, caring for family members, hobbies, learning, leisure, and community activities—so that both aspects can be fulfilling.

・Supporting employees’ life plans and career designs

We will promote work-life balance by encouraging the taking of paid leave and limiting overtime work.

・Toward solving social issues

We will continue to undertake activities for cleaning up the area around the company.

・Improving the company’s productivity

We will create a habit of exercise to extend healthy lifespans.