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We will present customers with a proposal based on their preferences (purpose, budget, number of participants, etc.). Please feel free to contact us.


MICE conventions, generally speaking, refer to large numbers of people gathering for an event with a specific purpose. However, it does not adequately describe the broad range of activities that fall under MICE. MICE stands for Meeting, Incentive, Convention, and Exhibition. Meeting refers to meetings, seminars, learning experiences, etc. Incentive is a special reward for attendees of the event. Convention refers to medical conventions, congresses, international conventions, etc. Exhibition is events with the focus of showcasing or displaying.

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Kobe is an ideal city for conventions.
We offer reliable services suitable for international exchange, and an abundant variety of 36 large and small banquet halls you can choose from according to your needs.
We offer support for whatever event you plan to stage, whether it's a party, academic conference, exhibitions, or international convention.

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