Internet Connection Service

At Kobe Portopia Hotel, we offer an environment where customers are able to easily connect to the internet in all our guest rooms, banquet halls, and Portopia Hall.
By setting the guest room and banquet hall to the same virtual LAN (V-LAN), it is possible to build a virtual network exclusively for that individual or group.
In addition, we can accommodate large-scale conferences by connecting the Kobe Convention Center (Kobe International Conference Center/Kobe International Exhibition Hall) with a dedicated optical line.

Available Locations

Location Service Fee
Main Bldg. 25~28th floor (every room) LAN Cable /
Wireless LAN(Wi-Fi)
Main Bldg. 26th floor OVAL CLUB Lounge
Other Rooms Wireless LAN(Wi-Fi)
Main Bldg. 1st floor Lobby
Main Bldg. 1st floor Delicatessen A la Maison
Main Bldg. 2nd floor Bar L’estacarde
Banquet Rooms LAN Cable
[Wireless LAN connection available]
Usage Fee*

*Please contact us for more information.

Wireless LAN (Wi-Fi)

Personal computer with built-in wireless LAN, Smartphone, Tablet, etc. are able to connect to the internet.

Guest rooms

Internet access in guest rooms is available with an SSID and password indicated in each room.

Main Bldg. 1st floor Lobby

Internet access in the Lobby is available with an SSID and password. Please ask our Concierge or front desk staff in order to connect.

Main Bldg. 1st floor Delicatessen A la Maison

Please ask the staff for the access point (SSID) and password.

Main Bldg. 2nd floor Bar L’estacarde

Please ask the bar staff for the access point (SSID) and password.

Cable LAN

Simply connect the LAN cable to your personal computer, and you can access the internet. The Virtual LAN (V-LAN) is set-up for the individual guest room/banquet room, so there is no risk of unauthorized access from unrelated parties.

IPSec or PPTP is compatible with standard specifications

  • Some specifications do not support the manufacturer’s own security function.
  • Please contact us for connections that require a fixed IP address.
  • If you need to connect multiple servers into a main server please be aware that only up to 5 servers are supported. Any more than 5 will be unable to connect.
*It may be available depending on the environment and settings of your personal device.
*We do not provide any support regarding the environment and settings for the customer’s personal device.
*It is the customer’s responsibility to protect and manage the security of their personal device.
*Connection speed may vary depending on the customer’s personal device and general line congestion.
*If we determine that something may cause a disturbance for other customer’s such as a possible virus infection or illegal use of file sharing software, then the hotel will terminate service without advance notice.
*The hotel is not responsible for any loss or damage caused by the suspension of services due to unexpected trouble or emergency maintenance.
*If you have any questions concerning the internet connection in your guest room(s) or lobby, please inquire at the concierge desk or reception.
*Regarding internet connection in the banquet halls, please contact our sales staff for more information.

24-hour reception

Inquiries about usage at the banquet hall

Weekdays 9:30 a.m. - 6:00 p.m.
Saturdays, Sundays, National Holidays 10:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.