At the Portopia Hotel, we offer a widely varied breakfast menu including hotel-baked bread and freshly grilled omelettes, local Hyogo cuisine, and Japanese cuisine made primarily from local ingredients.
Enjoy breakfast at one of three restaurants or from room service, according to your mood that day.

Breakfast at the restaurants can be enjoyed by those other than guests, as well.

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Sky Grill Buffet GOCOCU

We use specialty products from Hyogo Prefecture and only the finest ingredients sourced locally and overseas.

Business hours 7:00~10:30(L.O. 10:00)

Adult3,388 yen
Elementary school1,815 yen
Children(over four years old)968 yen


Set menu 3,388 yen

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Dining Cafe SOCO

A casual restaurant where you can enjoy watching the chefs preparing dishes one after another in the open kitchen. The buffet primarily offers Japanese and Western-style food, plus freshly cooked pasta and dishes our Italian head chef created to replicate the flavors of his homeland. Enjoy a flavorful trip to Italy at breakfast!
Dishes du jour are also available.

Business hours

7:00~10:30(L.O. 10:00)


Set menu & À la carte
7:00~11:00(L.O. 10:30)


Adult2,904 yen
Elementary school1,694 yen
Children(over four years old)968 yen


Set menu
American Breakfast2,904 yen
Continental Breakfast1,815 yen

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Traditional Japanese Cuisine Kobe Tamura

A Japanese restaurant with a tranquil atmosphere, adjoining a small Japanese garden.
Spend a leisurely weekend morning, relaxing and enjoying a Japanese set menu with local ingredients as the centerpiece, brought to you by our chef who takes pride in preserving the traditions and spirit of Tsukiji Tamura.
A kids' menu is also available.

Business hours 7:00~10:30(L.O. 10:00)
*Only Saturdays, Sundays, and National Holidays
Price 2,904 yen

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Room service

We offer room service so you can relax and enjoy dining while gazing at the view from the room.
In addition to our regular menu, including American Breakfast and healthy breakfast, there are dishes exclusively available to those who stay in the Healing Room.

Business hours 7:00~11:00

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*All prices inclusive of tax and service charge.