Business Service

We offer personal booths with computers and printers and support for businesspeople including copying services and handling of parcels.

Hours: 8:00 a.m. - 8:00 p.m.

Service information


Black and white plain paper, B5 - A3 size (one side) 1 sheet / 40 yen
Color B5, A4 size (one side) 1 sheet / 200 yen
B4, A3 (one side) 1 sheet / 300 yen

Use of personal booth

1,000 yen initial fee / up to one hour (500 yen / every additional 30 minutes)
*Guests may use for one hour free of charge (not including Internet, e-mail and printing fees)

Use of various equipment in personal booth

  • Internet, e-mail 10 min. / 200 yen
  • Printout from PC (available in color, same as photocopy fee)

Door-to-door delivery

In Japan (Yamato Transport)

*All the above rates include tax.

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