original fragrance "ever blue"

To mark our 35th anniversary, the hotel has created an original fragrance derived from natural sources, with the concept of "an aroma that soothes our guests and brings smiles to their faces."
We named it "ever blue" to reflect our commitment to delivering rest and relaxation to our guests today, tomorrow and always, at this site enveloped by the sea and sky of Kobe.

ever blue Original Aroma Goods

Air Mist

With this handy room spray, a single spritz sends a lovely aroma througout the room. Plastic bottle is convenient to carry and breakage-resistant.

Aroma Stone & Oil Mini Set

Easy, environmentally friendly diffuser that spreads scent without fire or heat.one mini stone, 3ml oil, pouch, instruction manual.
You can use it freely in your favorite places.

Retail price 1,200 yen each (tax not included)
Available at Main Building, 1F Concierge Desk
South Building 1F Drug Store Sunporto
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