ORLANE Salon de Beauté Aesthetic Salon

At ORLANE Salon de Beauté, treatments can be selected from a richly varied menu according to your needs.
Take the time to relax body and mind with our staff's expert techniques and liberal use of premium-quality Orlane products.

By reservation only, exclusively for women

Business hours 10:30 a.m. - 6:00 p.m.
Last entry 6:00 p.m.
Regular closed day Closed Tuesdays

About Salon de Beauté

1. Arrival.
  Our color scheme reflects that of the ORLANE brand: blue and white.

The hallway connecting the main building to the south wing is designed to remind you of a harbor as you move between the two halves of the hotel. On the 5th floor of the south wing you will find the Salon de Beauté. We recommend calling or emailing ahead of time to make a reservation.


2. Consultation.
  Our staff works with you to find the best treatment to suit your needs.

In our consultation room you will be able to discuss your areas of concern or what outcome you would like to see, and we will find a treatment that best suits your needs. Please do not feel embarrassed or hesitate with something you want to discuss. Our staff will listen kindly and with great respect.


3. Changing Clothes.
  We prepare a special outfit for you to change into for your treatment.

You will find a special ORLANE spa gown in the locker room. Please use the slippers provided while inside the Salon.


4. Treatment.
  The moment to forget about time and let yourself be at peace.

After the consultation, you will begin the treatment. During which please relax to the fullest.


5. Post-treatment Tea and Counseling

After the treatment, take your time returning to the rest of your day by enjoying an herb tea in the powder room. If any additional concerns or questions came to mind during the treatment, our staff is available to discuss what you can do on your own at home.


Facial Treatment

Anti-ageing treatment, revitalizing the skin into a healthier condition

Normalizing(Hydratante, Oligo, Pureté)

Basic Treatment
Making your skin look healthier

55 min ¥17,000+tax

Anti-ageing care(firming, Eclat, hydration, wrinkle reducer)

You can find a treatment that best addresses your skin concerns amongst these 4 different courses.
They promote cell regeneration which rejuvenates the skin increasing firmness and elasticity.

70 min ¥23,000+tax

Special Care(Soin de Blanc & B21)

A special treatment to target your skin concerns. The machine revitalizes skin from the inside out to give you a glowing, smooth complexion.

80 min ¥27,000+tax

Premium Care(Royale & Jeunesse)

Royal Jelly (moisture) & K24 Gold (skin conditioning) are blended together in the Crème Royale to give you smoother, firmer, more youthful looking skin.

90 min ¥40,000+tax


(Hyaluronic Acid, Collagen, Elastin, Caffeine, Omega 3 & 6, Vitamin C)
10 min ¥3,000
Foot Care 20 min ¥3,000
Peeling 10 min Starting at ¥1,000

Body Treatment

We have treatments to help rejuvenate your body.

Machine Treatment(Upper or Lower body)

After your cuticles are taken care of with a good scrub, your body’s fatigue is washed away with our machine and hand treatment, leaving you feeling refreshed all over.

60 min ¥18,000+tax


Using our Aroma Oils in this treatment we can help relieve your body from fatigue and swelling to leave you feeling more comfortable.

60 min ¥18,000+tax


(Radio Waves, Cavitation)
10 min Starting at ¥3,000
Plaster Mask 20 min ¥6,000

Special Menu

Ultimate Healing Plan(Special 100 min Menu)

Full Body Oil Treatment
A facial course is also available. The treatment covers everything from cleansing to massage and face mask.
The Ultimate Healing Plan is perfect for forgetting your everyday worries and giving yourself a fresh start.

Plan Information Full Body Oil Treatment
Special Facial Treatment

Plan Information

Aesthetic & Lunch / Sweets

Anti-ageing & Whitening, etc. Bring your skin to a healthier condition.

Normalizing (Hydratante, Oligo, Pureté)

Basic Oil Hand Treatment
Healthier Skin Treatment

Cleansing → Massage (neck & face) → Face Mask → Finish(45 min)

※Optional Add-ons (extra charge) pick 2 from the options below
20 min ¥3,564(tax and service charge incl.)
Neck / Hand /Gel / Neck & Head / Foot / Peeling / Neck Line / Eye


Please choose a restaurant from the following

Main Bldg 31F French Restaurant “Trente et Un”
Main Bldg 30F Sky Grill Buffet “GOCOCU”
Main Bldg 29F Chinese Restaurant “Shukei En”
Main Bldg 2F Teppan Grill “Tajima”

*Tickets can be purchased from the following
 South Wing 5F “Salon de Beauté”
 Main Bldg 1F “Concierge Desk”

Price ¥12,000 per person
(tax and service charge incl.)
Information Aesthetic & Lunch Set


Please choose one of the restaurants below

Main Bldg 1F Tea Lounge “La Belle Cour”
Main Bldg 2F Dining Café “SOCO”

*Tickets can be purchased at the following
 South Wing 5F “Salon de Beauté”
 Main Bldg 1F “Concierge Desk”

Price ¥9,600 per person
(tax and service charge incl.)
Information Aesthetic and Sweets Set

Aesthetic and Stay

Facial Aesthetic Add-on Plan ~Women Only~

This plan is set with a facial specialized for the season

*Only available for those who order the primary plan, reservations start from 10 am (typically 10:30 am)

Aesthetic Details

April ~
Lift Up With the goal of “Beautiful, Dainty Face” we aim to restore your skin’s firmness and elasticity
July ~
Brightening This treatment is for those who want to undo the effects of summer’s UV rays that bring about freckles and fine lines and wish to restore their skin’s brightness
October ~
The summer sun’s UV rays can make skin look tired and dull
January ~
Moisture During this dry period, maintaining skin’s moisture is of the utmost importance

Salon de Beauté Membership Information

Salon de Beauté offers guests to apply for the membership program.
Those who become members have the special member prices available for our courses.

Membership Fee ¥10,000+tax
Special Perks for Members ■ Reservations are prioritized
■ Special member prices for treatments

■ Additional annual benefits
(For example, you may take 50% off a service on your birthday.)

Contact us

10:30 a.m. - 6:00 p.m.