Efforts to Protect Against the Novel Coronavirus



In order to prevent the spread of viruses, such as the current novel coronavirus (COVID-19), and to ensure that guests are able to feel safe visiting Kobe Portopia Hotel we are implementing thorough hygiene management.

The information below is updated as of 5/26.
Please note that depending on the policies dictated by the government and related organizations, the following information is subject to change. Thank you for your cooperation.

All Facilities
  1. Concerning Disinfection
    a. Location of alcohol-based hand sanitizers (lobby, 1st floor elevators, restrooms, check-in desk, cloak room, banquet room lobby, banquet room entrance, bridal salon)
    b. Areas of particular focus (doors/door knobs, escalator hand belts, elevator buttons, restroom doors, check-in desk, room keys, cloak room counter, coat check tabs, registers)
    ※In addition to rooms throughout the building, we make sure to disinfect equipment  that comes into contact with people.
  2. Use of the hand dryers in our restrooms had currently stopped.
  3. Each part of the building in being ventilated according to its specific standard for usage (as established by the Ministry of Health, Labor, and Welfare). If necessary, an air purifier will be installed and aerosol disinfectant will be used.
  4. The capacity for the elevators is being cut by half.
  5. All hotel staff will wear a face mask.
  6. Please maintain physical distancing practices in the restaurants, at the check-in desk, or during any event.
  7. Tables and chairs in our restaurants, banquet rooms, and culture classes shall be comfortably spread out to avoid crowding.
  8. Any payments made in cash will use a money tray instead of directly handing off to the cashier. Contactless payment methods such as QR codes, advanced payment, etc. are available for some accommodations and restaurants.
  9. The precautionary measures are in accordance with the “Guidelines for Preventing the Spread of Novel Coronavirus Infectious Diseases” by the Japan Hotel Association.
  10. Within the company we have established a committee to promote health and safety. We brought in nurses to encourage good public health practices and ensure the safety of our staff and guests.
  11. If there is a suspicion that someone in the hotel has the novel coronavirus, or if it has been confirmed, we will respond according to the Business Continuity Plan (BCP) “Infectious Diseases Edition” as formulated by Kobe Portopia Hotel.
  1. A barrier has been installed at the check-in desk to help prevent the spread of pathogens.
  2. Check-in staff will confirm the guest’s health status upon arrival.
  3. Before and after handling guest’s bags, staff will wash and disinfect their hands.
  4. An alcohol-based disinfectant will be used when cleaning the guest rooms. Areas of the room that guests come into contact with will be thoroughly disinfected. For example; TV & air conditioner remotes, telephones, chairs, tables, pens, faucets, toilet seats, shower handles, dryers, and more.
  1. Alcohol-based disinfectant will be provided to customers upon entry.
  2. In order to maintain good physical distancing practices, the restaurant may restrict entry even if there are vacant seats.
  3. In general, dishes will not be served on large platters.
  4. A barrier has been installed at the register to help prevent the spread of pathogens.
  5. After every use tables, chairs, silverware, and menus will be disinfected.
Banquet Rooms
  1. Guests are asked to disinfect their hands. Depending on the event, there will be a staff member in charge of maintaining a station for the disinfectant.
  2. Depending on the event, banquet staff will wear face masks.
  3. After every use tables, chairs, silverware, and more will be disinfected.
  4. In the worst case scenario that a cluster of infections were to occur, we ask event organizers to provide the contact information of all their participants and attendees in order to make necessary follow-up checks.
Bridal Salon
  1. Every other meeting table will be used to avoid crowding. Alternatively, meetings may be held online.
  2. After every use tables and chairs will be disinfected.
Fitness Gym and Spa
  1. A barrier has been installed at the reception desk to help prevent the spread of pathogens.
  2. Customers are asked to use an alcohol-based disinfectant on their hands, and to fill out a health questionnaire.
  3. Locker keys will be disinfected before they are given to the customer. Every other locker will remain unused in order to encourage physical distancing.
  4. We ask customers to avoid using a machine right next to another patron.
  5. We ask customers to maintain the appropriate distance from other patrons on the lounge couches.
  6. After every use the machines and lockers will be disinfected.
  7. The locker room doors and gym windows will stay open to help with ventilation.
  8. Admission may be restricted during peak hours.
Cultural Classes
  1. When attending one of our culture classes, customers will be asked to disinfect their hands and wear a face mask. In addition, customers will be asked to fill out a medical questionnaire.
  2. In order to maintain good physical distancing, the number of participants will be limited to small group classes. Virtual classes will also be made available.
Hotel Employees
  1. We have asked our employees to wear a face mask when commuting to and from work, as well as in a crowded space.
  2. Employees disinfect their hands upon entry and take their temperature. If any employee shows signs of a fever or indicated they are not feeling well, they will be immediately sent home to rest.
  3. Alcohol-based hand sanitizer is available in all employee spaces (office entrances, elevator halls, cafeteria, and restrooms). Hand-washing throughout the workday is highly encouraged.
  4. For the time being, employees are prohibited from traveling abroad.
  5. Employees in our administrative departments stagger their schedules to avoid peak hours on public transit.
Requests to Our Guests
  1. Please disinfect your hands when you enter the hotel.
  2. When using public spaces such as the lobby or the elevator, please wear a face mask.
  3. We ask any customers with a fever or who are not feeling well to please avoid visiting the hotel.
  4. Please alert a nearby staff member if you feel unwell.

Portopia Hotel General Manager