Sky Lounge Plein d' Etoiles

Main Building, 30F

Enjoy the view which changes with time and season in our spacious sky lounge.

The Plein d' Etoiles panorama is endless; by day, the sky and sea spread out as far as you can see, and at night, the starlit sky and city lights twinkle enchantingly. You can fully enjoy the view as it changes throughout the day with Kobe Airport on one side, and the spectacular $10 million night view of Kobe on the other. Plein d' Etoiles is an excellent venue for wedding after parties.

Hours Breakfast
  6:30a.m.~10:30a.m. (Last Order 10:00a.m.)
Lunch (Weekdays)
  11:30a.m.~2:30p.m. (Last Order 2:00p.m.)
Lunch (Sat., Sun., Nat’l Holidays)
  11:30a.m.~3:30p.m. (Last Order 3:00p.m.)
Dinner (Weekdays)
  5:00p.m.~11:30p.m. (Last Order 11:00p.m.)
Dinner (Sat., Sun., Nat’l Holidays)
  5:00p.m.~0:00a.m. (Last Order 11:30p.m.)
Tel 078-303-5230
Capacity 178 seats (Non-smoking facility)

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