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Recover from the stresses of daily life at LUANA. Using traditional Far Eastern healing techniques, we will help you become one with nature. For the best care, all skincare products and aroma oils used at LUANA are natural and environmentally friendly.


12:00noon~8:00p.m.(Sun., Nat' l Holiday~7:30p.m.)

  • Last appointments are booked one hour prior to closing time.
  • Appointments are taken up to one-month in advance.

Closed the first Monday of every month (except January and May); please call to confirm schedule.

  • LUANA Fitness and Spa is for the exclusive use of guests staying at the Kobe Portopia Hotel.
  • A separate facility charge of ¥1,200 will be added to the cost of spa treatments.

Hawaiian Treatment Menu

Lomi Lomi

In Hawaiian, lomi lomi means “to massage.”
Our traditional Hawaiian massage treatment aims to restore the healthy working balance between the spirit and head, the inner body, and the outer body by healing and purifying the mind and body.

45 minutes ¥8,750
60 minutes ¥11,500
90 minutes ¥16,500

Hot Stone Healing

This traditional Hawaiian healing method uses the mysterious powers of natural stones. Heated stones are placed on major parts of the body, inducing warmth throughout the body. In addition, the shape and weight of the stones help relieve symptoms of shoulder stiffness, hip pain, edema, insomnia, etc.

60 minutes ¥12,500
90 minutes ¥17,150

Treatment Menu

Aroma Oil Therapy

By using aroma oil to massage and correct the flow of ki, this treatment eliminates fatigue. Aroma oil is selected to suit each individual guest and help put the mind and body into balance.

45 minutes ¥8,750
60 minutes ¥11,500
90 minutes ¥16,500

Aroma Oil Reflexology

While adjusting your physical condition by stimulating the soles of your feet, the scent of the aroma oil will effectively enhance your relaxation.

30 minutes ¥5,200
45 minutes ¥7,300

Foot Scrub

This treatment exfoliates and removes calluses. Our oil treatment will leave your feet feeling smooth and refreshed.

30 minutes ¥5,570

Thai-Style Relaxation Massage

Thai massage, based on Indian Ayurvedic healing, is also influenced by Chinese and Tibetan traditional medicine. By stimulating the body’s energy lines and flow, this massage increases the body's natural healing power and boosts the immune system.

50 minutes ¥6,600
75 minutes ¥9,570

Cream Bath

This head spa treatment originated in Indonesia. The head and scalp are massaged with a deluxe cream, specially blended from fruits and herbs. Fatigue in the eyes, neck and shoulder are relieved, while daily stress is also reduced. The special cream also helps repair damage to the hair.

35 minutes ¥6,200

Body Slim

Using a hot gel made with effective plant extracts, this treatment massages the lymph system and other channels to increase fat metabolism and reduce cellulite and edema. Body Slim also targets problem areas in the waist, hips, and thighs.

60 minutes ¥12,290

Facial Treatments

Using gentle facial products made with seaweed and herbs, these treatments will take care of distressed skin.

40 minutes
(face cleansing, massage, and pack, decolletage massage, skin conditioning)
60 minutes
(face cleansing, white mud cleansing treatment pack, massage, and pack, decolletage massage, skin conditioning)
90 minutes
(face cleansing, white mud cleansing treatment pack, massage, concentrated Vitamin C whitening pack, decolletage massage, skin conditioning)

Package Treatments

Facial (60 minutes)
  + Aroma Oil Reflexology (30 minutes)

90 minutes ¥14,500

Cream Bath (35 minutes)
  + Aroma Oil Body Massage (60 minutes)

95 minutes ¥15,600

Facial (60 minutes)
  + Aroma Oil Body Massage (60 minutes)

120 minutes ¥19,800

Facial (40 minutes)
  + Thai-Style Relaxation Massage
       (50 minutes)

90 minutes ¥13,800

Body Conditioning Menu

Body Care (Relaxation Massage)

Using traditional Japanese techniques, this massage stimulates the body's circulatory system and increases the body's natural healing powers while eliminating fatigue.

50 minutes ¥5,900
75 minutes ¥8,850

Oil Massage

This massage is done with the highest quality oil (100% jojoba) and delivers all-over skincare for the body while eliminating stress.

60 minutes ¥9,500
90 minutes ¥14,250

Reflexology (Foot Massage Therapy)

Using Chinese fundamentals, the internal organs and other parts of the body are stimulated through points in the soles of your feet. Reflexology will correct physical dysfunctionality, especially reducing symptoms of edema, chills, insomnia and stress.

30 minutes ¥4,250
45 minutes ¥6,500

All prices inclusive of consumption tax and service charge

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