Broadband Internet Information

The Kobe Portopia Hotel features Virtual Private Network (VPN) connections for the security of our guests' e-mail communications and safe web browsing.

All guest rooms offer complimentary Wi-Fi Internet access for guests using notebook or tablet computers and smart phones. Complimentary Wi-Fi service is also provided in the executive floor Oval Lounge. The Oval executive floor guest rooms also offer high speed internet access via LAN cable (provided).

Guests of the Portopia Hotel may access a Wi-Fi connection for no charge.
Please ask the concierge or a Front Desk staff member for the network SSID and password.

Notices Regarding Internet Service

  • Guest room Internet speed is 100Mbps. However, actual data transmission rate may be affected by computer settings and/or overall usage conditions.
  • Some home country Internet provider security settings may restrict access to provider-based e-mail accounts while in Japan. For your convenience, we recommend the use of a web-based e-mail account, such as Yahoo or Gmail.
  • The Kobe Portopia Hotel bears no responsibility for computer viruses, data loss or other damages related to computer use. Thank you for your understanding.

Internet for Conference Use

For conferences and conventions, the Kobe Portopia Hotel's 36 banquet rooms and Portopia Hall are capable of live streaming, satellite conferencing, and secure Internet connection speeds of up to 1Gbps. In addition, the hotel's meeting rooms and Portopia Hall can be linked up with the Kobe International Conference Center and Kobe International Exhibition Hall.

Please contact us for more information about usage fees and technical specifications for your conference communication needs.

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