For the Environment & Safety

Environmental Measures

KEMS Certified
The Kobe Portopia Hotel aims to be an environmentally friendly company and is compliant with the strict guidelines established by the Kobe Environmental Management System (KEMS).
Energy Efficiency
The Kobe Portopia Hotel is progressive in its use of energy efficient devices wherever possible to conserve resources and reduce the amount of electricity, gas and water used.
Recycling and Waste Reducing
Our staff is conscientious in reducing the amount of paper and burnable waste and is making efforts to recycle cans, glass, and PET bottles as much as possible.
Environmental Education
Twice a year, the Kobe Portopia Hotel holds mandatory environmental education seminars for its staff.
Green Policy
Our purchasing department is striving to increase the percentage of office goods and consumables made from recycled products.
Neighborhood Clean-up
Once a month, our staff participates in a neighborhood clean-up.
Eco Cap Program
The Kobe Portopia Hotel collects at least 5,000 PET bottle caps per month and donates them to a charity benefiting children in developing countries by providing one vaccination for every 800 bottle caps.

Safety Measures

Fire Safety Excellence Certification and Annual Inspection
The Kobe Portopia Hotel has earned certification from the Fire Department for its fire prevention compliance. The Hotel also conducts annual reviews of structural safety and disaster evacuation plans and reports these findings to the Fire Chief.
Fire Drills
For the safety of our guests, the Kobe Portopia Hotel conducts fire drills twice a month.
Blackout Drills
Every August, about 100 of our staff participate in a blackout simulation to review procedures in the event of a power failure due to severe weather conditions.
AED Certification
The Kobe Portopia Hotel has two AED machines on site. In conjunction with the Kobe Port Fire Department, the Hotel conducts seminars on the use of these life-saving machines for its staff. As of March 2011, 380 staff members have completed certified AED training.
The Kobe Portopia Hotel conducts mandatory Compliance Seminars to educate its staff about laws regarding corporate and guest privacy policies.
Food Safety
Every month, health inspectors check the Hotel's kitchen and restaurant facilities to ensure that proper sanitation and food handling procedures are being practiced. Weekly checks are made for freshness of products and ingredients used at the Hotel. In addition, twice a year, restaurant and kitchen staff are required to attend food sanitation and safety seminars.

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