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The Kobe Portopia Hotel opened in 1981 as part of Japan's first convention center complex and has welcomed guests from all over the world, including foreign dignitaries, celebrities, and athletes. Our staff takes pride in providing attentive service and meeting each and every guest's needs. As Kobe's leading hotel, we look forward to welcoming you and showing you our style of hospitality.


  • Convenient location?only 8 minutes away from Kobe Airport, Japan’s shortest distance from an airport to a major convention facility
  • The Kobe Portopia Hotel is technologically linked with the Kobe International Conference Center and Exhibition Hall, useful for satellite lectures and overflow seating
  • As part of the Kobe Convention Center, 4 major facilities are about a 3-minute walk apart
 Kobe Portopia Hotel
large auditorium, meeting rooms, function rooms, accommodations, restaurants
 Kobe International Conference Center
midsize auditorium, meeting rooms
 Kobe International Exhibition Hall
exhibition space, can be used as large meeting room
 World Memorial Hall
large auditorium, ideal for concerts and sporting events
Portopia Hotel Main Meeting and Function Rooms
〔Main Building〕
Seating Capacity Area
(Ceiling Height)
Schoolroom Theater
Kairaku 800 1,200 1190m2
(2/3) 560 800 793m2
(1/3) 240 400 397m2
Waraku 280 400 377m2
Ikuta 130 200 188m2
Nunobiki Kitano 200 290 275m2
Nunobiki 110 150 149m2
Kitano 90 140 126m2
Kikusui 90 140 126m2
Cosmopolitan Room 70 100 198m2
〔South Wing〕
Seating Capacity Area
(Ceiling Height)
Schoolroom Theater
Portopia Hall 610 1,702
Ohwada 1,650 2,800 2,003m2
(2/3) 1,100 1,800 1,343m2
(1/3) 550 900 630m2
Topaz 250 400 325m2
Sapphire 150 220 184m2
Emerald 180 280 214m2
Diamond 190 300 215m2
Ruby 120 200 167m2
Meeting Rooms 20 Up to 50

Kobe's Highlights

  • 8 minutes from Kobe Airport, 10 minutes from Sannomiya, and 20 minutes from Shin Kobe Station
  • As Kobe is in the center of Japan, it is a useful location for nationwide gatherings and events.
  • Kobe, a cosmopolitan city surrounded by the mountains and the sea, is popular with men and women of all ages. Its tourist attractions include the historic Kitano foreign residential area, Nada and Nishinomiya's sake breweries, Arima hot springs, and Harborland.
  • The Kobe Portopia Hotel's guest rooms offer stunning views of Kobe's $10 million dollar nightscape (mountainside) and Osaka Bay, Akashi Kaikyo Bridge and Awaji Island (seaside).

Financial Support and Incentives

  • Generous grants available from various programs
  • Incentives for international conferences
    "MEET IN KOBE 21st Century" program offers special services and expert support for international conference planners and participants

Past Events Held at Kobe Portopia Hotel

  • International Conferences for Technology and Science
  • Corporate Conventions
  • Japanese-government Sponsored International Conferences
  • Agency Incentive Meetings
  • Japanese Academic Conferences (Medicine, Dentistry, Pharmacological, Psychological, Technological)
  • National Conventions for Various Groups and Organizations  etc・・・

  Portopia Hall  

With a wealth of experience, our convention experts are ready to help make your event a success.

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